Senneh Knot

Since 1987, Senneh Knot rugs has been fulfilling needs of rug admirers in Baltimore and Washington DC metro area. We specialize in bringing rugs directly form the source countries such as Iran, Pakistan, India, China, Turkey, Afghanistan and Nepal. Senneh knot's Prices will come as a pleasant surprise, for they are the lowest to be found, because we bypass the middleman and pass the savings to the consumer. We pride ourselves the most in our selection of rugs, whether it is our traditional classic collection, vegetable dyed vintage, old world agras, arts and craft, tribal pieces to our fascinating wool or wool and silk transitional rugs from Nepal.

Buying an Oriental rug can be an intimidating experience, but you do not have to be an expert to find the perfect rug to suit your taste and budget. We believe that the more you understand the product you are purchasing, the more you will appreciate the value senneh knot offers. The art of weaving a rug is a gift passed down over many years from generation to generation. One must consider a number of aspect in order to determine the quality of a specific rug. The intricacy of design, number of knots, type of knots, nature of fibers as well as the quality and kind of dyes.